About​ Us

established in 2023​

About Us

It was meant to be. Our family floated the idea of creating a restaurant for decades. In a flash, this dream of ours became a reality through a series of timely events.

The result is the creation of Pho Kita & Grill. We love Pho. We also love steak.

‘Kita’ is also our youngest daughter’s nickname.

And with this combination, we came up with the restaurant name “Pho Kita & Grill.” We’ve been perfecting a steak recipe for two decades which has been a favorite for family and friends.

Chinh & Helen


Our mission at Pho Kita & ​Grill is to provide customers with an exceptional dining experience by offering high-quality, authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a cozy and comfortable environment.


We strive to create a space where our guests can relax and enjoy our delicious food, prepared with care, and attention to detail.


Excellent customer service
Good food & Good company
Modern, elegant twist on traditional Vietnamese

We extend our warmest gratitude for choosing to dine at Pho Kita Steak & Ribs. To ensure the highest level of service and an exceptional dining experience for all our guests, we implement a service charge for parties consisting of over six people. Our service charge is set at 18% of the total bill amount for these larger parties. This charge directly contributes to the fair compensation of our dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to provide you with attentive service, a comfortable atmosphere, and delectable culinary creations.

Our steaks are cooked medium, consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.